Kustaa Vaasa -konferenssi 2016: Between Body and Mind


XIV Gustav Wasa Conference

Between Body and Mind: Emotions, Health and Medicalization

7–8 June 2016, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Health is a phenomenon defined by both medical evidence and individual experience. Emotions are what define and structure our perceptions in both health and illness. Increasingly seen as something not just happening to but also created by a person, emotions are now utilized as a complex standpoint for studying individual and collective health culture throughout history. Emotions have been linked to certain mental or bodily conditions as both experience and manifestation. They have been regulated and considered according to prevailing cultural and social norms.

Cultural and emotional approaches to emotions have been understood as rivalling the traditional medical perspectives, but both have been criticized for ignoring an essential aspect of the phenomenon under study (either the subjective experience or the clinical facts). The use of modern concepts when discussing the past has also been questioned. Our understanding of certain health conditions are always shaped by our modern knowledge of them, and thus using new terms in the past context may force something into or leave something out of the historical reality. For a comprehensive portrayal of the past, both cultural and medical perspectives have their place.

The fourteenth annual Gustav Wasa Conference deals with themes of emotions, health and medicalization and aims to promote the dialogue between cultural and medical approaches. Papers of any era or geographical region are welcome, as well as any themes concerning the history and culture of emotions and health. Sessions will be in English, consisting of 3 to 4 presentations of 30 minutes (including discussion). Session proposals are also welcome.

300-word abstracts must be submitted by February 29, 2016 to e-mail: tehy.jyu@gmail.com

Abstracts should include:

The title of the presentation (or session, including individual presentations)

The affiliation of the presenter(s) and contact information

Audiovisual requirements

Keywords for presentation(s)

Reviews and notifications of acceptance will be sent at the end of March. Registration opens on April 1, 2016. Program will be released at the beginning of May.

Conference fees

Students and PhD students: 90 €

Regular: 130 €

Proposed themes for papers:

  • Regulating of emotions
  • Defining the ”normal” behaviour and expression of emotions
  • Emotions maintaining health or causing sickness
  • Emotions and religion
  • Emotions and socially constructed groups: gender, race, social class
  • Bodily aspects of emotions
  • Methodological and theoretical approaches to the medicalization of language; the use of concepts regarding emotions and mental health (eg. history of the concept of trauma)
  • Psychoculture: psychology in the common language
  • Emotional states: anger, happiness, fear…

Keynote speakers

Senior Lecturer Mikael Alm, University of Uppsala

Adjunct Professor Anu Korhonen, University of Helsinki

Professor Christian Laes, University of Antwerpen


Saara-Maija Kontturi



Terveys ja hyvinvointi

Early Modern Morals



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