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Jari Eilola

I work as an Academy research fellow at the Department of History and Ethnology. I study the history of Finnish domestic violence (1890–1930). I have also studied the interplay and trust between healers and patients and especially the significance of moral evaluation as a part of early modern diagnoses of illnesses. I am also interested in definitions of madness and treatment of mad persons in the 17th century Finnish local communities.

Outi Fingerroos

I am a professor of Ethnology, and act as an Academy research fellow in a project titled ‘Reuniting the family. A study of the experiences of immigrants and officials’ (2012–2016). I do research in the area of immigration studies and ethnic relations, and especially concentrate upon the (inter)connection of memory, narrative and identity.

Pilvi Hämeenaho

The research project Bridging the cultural gaps in service chains. Ethnological research on differing perceptions concerning pupils’ special educational needs (funded by Finnish Academy) focuses on the multiple truths based on cultural differences in the motivations and expectations of the groups responsible for the wellbeing of the children under study. In this ethnography-based research the question of adequacy of comprehensive support for children with special school-related needs is scrutinized from two viewpoints: both the practices and the cultural perceptions of the groups involved in supporting children’s school attendance are explored.

My main research interests: everyday life; qualitative service research; rural research; ethnography

Johanna Koivisto

I’m PhD candidate in Finnish History. I’m working on a doctoral thesis on the everyday life in a forensic psychiatric hospital in Finland in 1939-1956. My research questions are about how and who decided mental illness in forensic psychiatry (legal system, medical institutions, community). I’m curious about the practices, rules and conventions in institutions. Otherness, marginalization and micro history are my interests.

Saara-Maija Kontturi

I’m a doctoral student in Finnish History working on a PhD thesis on the professionalization of the Finnish physicians in c. 1750–1850.  I study how the first university-educated physicians gained their professional position and what their duties consisted of. My research interests in general are medical history, doctors, illness perceptions, and history of vaccinations.

Liia Raippalinna

My viewpoint on questions of health and wellbeing is connected to my interests in (anthropology of) food and waste.  I’m currently working on my Doctoral thesis on (cultural production of) food waste in Finland.

Anu Rissanen

My doctoral thesis examines the treatment policy which was used in District Mental Hospital of Harjamäki during 1926 and 1989. I analyse different therapies and how they were utilized in practice. I also study, were patients who were committed to hospital treated same way as those patients, who came to the hospital voluntarily. I examine patient records as well to find the patients’ opinions about their treatments: did they regard them helpful or worsening.

Anna-Kaisa Ylikotila

I’m a doctor trainee of Finnish History and currently I’m working on my doctoral dissertation concerning purity and its relation to good citizenship in the Finnish teacher training institutions from the 1920 to the 1940’s. My dissertation concentrates on the expectations placed upon the individual students and how them and their actions, gender and language were perceived in the seminars and what happened if they could’t fit the standards.

Other research topics that I find interesting are  definitions of insanity and also how normal or abnormal has been defined in different eras, cultures and societies.



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